Wednesday, October 2, 2013


So, I was just randomly clicking on my previous blog posts to see what I was writing about, or even to look at my own writing style. 
I was laughing out loud, or as loud as one can be during office hours, and being in the office. 
I am also utterly speechless. 

I am such a dramatic. Or, I am so dramatic. Or, I am such a dramatic person. 
I like the first statement more, even though it is not even grammatically correct.
I like the way it sounds. 
That is the conclusion that I came to, about myself, of me that was 2 to 3 years ago. 
When I was young and carefree. 

Now, however, I am so much more mellower. Like seriously. 
Hey, I love my mundane life. 
And some, especially my brother and sister, will tell you that I don't even have a life. 
My mundane life consists of home, work, youth and the still-here-to-stay drama addiction. 
I am pretty nonchalant about a lot of things. 
As long as I am earning money, legally, and saving money to get the increasing-day-by-day on the stuffs-that-I-need-and-want list.  

Home, is where I sleep, eat and hang around on the weekends. 
Work, is where I earn my money, and where I spend the bulk of my weekdays. 
Youth, is where I spend my Fridays, and on the occasional long weekends, go on trips with kiddies, and cook for them. 
Drama addiction, still on-going and has no plans to stop any time soon, yet. 

These are part and parcel of my mundane life, and at the moment, looks like it is here to stay, for at least another year. 
Change will happen, definitely, but, dependent on variables that are sure to happen in the near future. 

Gosh. This is like the longest that I have written in a long time, that has no relation at all to my job. 
Such joy. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wee ~

Just downloaded the Blogger app onto the phone...
Gonna have some fun blogging through this and I'll probably spam my own blog...
Ya, I know I'm unstable right at this moment. It's the side effect of having Ee Syinn back home, singing and playing the piano at random times...

Friday, September 27, 2013

Yo. Again.

So due to Chrome's updated look, Google's products are so much more easily accessible. 

Thus, I saw the Blogger app button, and clicked right in. 

Imagine my surprise when I saw that my blog, this blog, was still around... waiting for my thoughts. Yup, I can be quite cheesy when I want to... 

No idea if this will be ongoing, since I have tumblr and twitter and instagram, but no harm in the occasional update on my life, I guess (think)... 

Linger around if you dare. Hehehehe :3

Ps. What is with the range of font colours available?? So little/few/not enough... 

Monday, October 22, 2012

And my twitter

So I went and got onto the bandwagon as well.

My tumblr account.

Yup, got it. 

Thats all.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Something random...

I feel like just moving to Tumblr... where I can just post photos and random stuffs and no one can say anything... 
good idea, no??
after all, I am hardly doing anything here... 
so... should be bye bye blogger in a few days... or weeks...
looking at my track record of getting things done... =.=

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


It has been like ages ages and ages since I blogged... last post published on the 24th of October 2010. 
Huh~ definitely a long time ago.

And so, photo time!!!! 
Very briefly on my life the past few months... the long and cold winter, the very windy month and various times... 

When Denise and Wee Khang came to visit 

Day-trip to York

Day-trip to Nottingham, finally had cendol and nasi lemak after many months

Met Snowy... 

and Robin Hood

And then its WINTER... 

my first snowball

and my first snowman

And then MY 21st BIRTHDAY!!!! 

We went out for dinner,

and then had a dessert party!!! SWEET~

Day-trip to Manchester

 Christmas Eve and Christmas Dinner~

Trip to Bath...

 and London

New Year Eve in London~

Sweets, homemade...

 and Chinese New Year tid-bits... homemade and fried...

and while I was in Leeds celebrating Chinese New Year, my family was in Sarawak as usual... having fun.

Well~ that is all for now... 
Maybe I should do this every few months... Ahahahah... see lah... when got time then continue blogging again... 

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I should update more often.
After being here for one month plus, I am just starting to get a hang a few things.
1. The weather. 
But then, it will get colder soon anyways, so, whats the point?
2. Walking most of the time.
I mean, I walked quite a lot when I was in KL, but then here, I walk more. Because, hmm~ just because lah.
3. The stuffs here are quite cheap.
Without conversion of course. 
Seriously, if you work and live here, it is so so cheap.
Can survive quite easily. Imagine 2 pounds for a meal. 1 pounds for 4 huge muffins - double chocolate. 34 pence for 10 pieces of fruity scones. Oh~ I can go on. 
And of course, without converting lah. If convert. Don't even think about it. 
4. I think that is all for the time being. 

Generally, I quite like it here. 
My room is quite ok, small, but at least I have a room to myself.
The internet/wireless, quite ok too. Not too slow but not fast as well.
My flatmates. Hmm~ I love the other 3, but the other one, I can seriously live without. Total terror. 
She is like seriously weird, funny weird, and ... generally, just weird. 
Classes are quite interesting. 
I take European Union Law, Jurisprudence, Commercial Law, Equity and Trust Law and a 40 credits Dissertation.
EU and Commercial, I quite like. 
Jurisprudence... *shakes head* argh~ I can also do without, but, it is compulsory, so too bad. 
My dissertation is on Minority Protection. I haven't actually thought of the full title yet. But have to, like really soon. 

That's all for now. I'll try to update more often. 
But, like, no promises ah~