Sunday, June 27, 2010


I am loving being at home. 
Loving loving loving it!!!

I am now on a MISSION to lose weight. Yup~ To LOSE WEIGHT!! Lots of it. At least 7 to 8 kg.
I am working hard on it.
Gym early in the morning on weekdays, and less food, especially carbohydrates. 
I so definitely have to lose weight.

But then, I want to eat my mommy's cooking!!!

That's all. Will update soon.
This is just me crapping away.
I will update soon on the food trip that me, Shuk Yee, Serena and Jia Hui took when Jia Hui was here in KK. 



Tuesday, June 22, 2010



I should update more often. But, as usual, I am so so so lazy.

Anyways, continuing my previous post, my life the past week in brief. 

The four of us, Serena, Shuk Yee, Jia Hui and I went to Genting on Wednesday. We took the bus from 1 Utama and then arrived at the Skyway cable cars place after 1 hour. 
Then we checked in. 
We had to wait almost an hour and a half. There were like so many people checking in at the same time. Our number was 261, and at the time, the number was 161. We had to wait for like 100 groups of people to check in. 
So freaking long man~
Oh~ There is a story behind the checking in, but I am way too lazy to type it out. 
长话短说 - long story shortened - We got so pissed off at the girl who checked us in, she told us the wrong information and yet did not feel apologetic at all. She did not even say sorry, and kept insisting that she was right and that it was the travel agent's fault.
Anyways, all in all, we had a fun time. 
We went for the Theme Park and then had steamboat/grill thingy for dinner. BUFFET style.
Oh, so full.
But then, this time, the other 3 ate so much more than me. They had lots and lots of beef, while I was going for the mushrooms and a bit of veggie.  

Then we came down the next day, and then Jia Hui drove us back to Bahau, her hometown. 
Shuk Yee and I slept most of the way, while Serena talked to Jia Hui while she drove, to keep her from falling asleep. 
Jia Hui's parents brought us for dinner. 
It was superbly AWESOME. 
We had a cold dish, roasted piglet, huge prawns, CRAB, fried rice (which I did not take, because I was too full liao) and desserts.
The next day was Malacca. 
Jia Hui's boyfriend, Jack, drove us there.
We had the chicken rice balls, the famous dish in the famous restaurant. Then we had durian cendol.
*licking lips*
And then we walked around, to wait till evening, for Jonker Street to open, which we also walked through. Lots and lots of stuffs sold. We had the Asam Laksa for dinner, quite good actually, although not my usual choice. 
Then, got back by 10 plus and showered and sleep.
The next day, we went to Seremban, an hour away, to take the train back to KL.
Shuk Yee forgot to take here ticket back after through the machine and was then forced to pay RM30 surcharge. She was quite mad at herself.

Back in KL. 
I started packing a bit, stuffing my textbooks and statute books into boxes and all sorts of stuffs. 
Then Aunty Siow Ling brought me out for dinner with Dao Ming. 
Then on Sunday, FATHER'S DAY! 
Had lunch with Uncle Steven and his cousins, at One World.
Hehe~ BUFFET as well.
Ooo~ I love buffet, especially the DESSERTS!!!

Then yesterday, Monday, packed all my stuffs that I am going to ship back. And Kai Ping, Shuk Yee's year 1 friend, drove us and our boxes to the post office, although we can actually get there by foot, but looking at the size and the weight of our boxes, it will probably take us a few hours just to carry it over. 
Both of us have 3 boxes each. 
The total weight of mine was about 45 kg. And it cast me RM44.50, although it will take about a month to arrive back home. Shuk Yee's one weighed less than mine. 

Anyways, now, I only have a few stuffs left. 
Although I am a wee bit afraid that my baggage will be overweight, which I pray and hope not.

That is all for now. 
And the next post will probably from the comfort of my own home. I CAN'T WAIT TO GET HOME!!!
So. Bai bai.

Monday, June 14, 2010



As you all know, I just finished my exams last Friday. 
And so, my holidays started on 11th June 2010 at 3.40pm.
And I have been enjoying every minute of it, although I am tired out. 

Summary of exam week:
1. On Sunday, studied from morning till like 2am to 3am then slept for 4 hours. 
2. Wake up and continue studying. 
3. At 11am, went to the exam hall.
4. 12.30pm reading time in exam hall. 
5. 12.40pm start writing non-stop until 3.40pm.
6. Leave exam hall, complaining about the paper and our tired out and aching arm.
7. Eat lunch/dinner, at KFC or McDonalds or cup noodle. 
8. On computer to stay in touch with the rest of the world.
9. Quick shower.
10. Back to the books, next subject on the list.
11. Repeat 1 to 10, except the days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
12. On Friday, went back to room and took a deep breath and on the computer and showered and then went for cell. Oh~ I also watched the last half hour of South Africa and Mexico World Cup match. 

So tired out.
Then on Saturday, Serena and I went to Daorae for dinner.
Deliciously good~
And when we were coming back, we saw lots of Koreans dominating the mamak shop downstairs of Doarae, waiting for the match between South Korea and Greece. Ya~ South Korea won 2 - 0.
The Koreans were all in red t-shirts and had those beaters thingy and what-nots to cheer for their team. So yay lah~

Then on Sunday, we started our shopping/food spree.
Without SIN JIA HUI. She went back to Bahau and will be back on Tuesday.
Sunday was 1 Utama, The Curve and Ikea.
Monday was Sunway Pyramid.

And I met up with Joey Ng after way too long. 
Then the 4 of us walked around getting various stuffs. Ok~ More like I did. 
*laughs crazily*
And there is still Genting and Bahau and Malacca.

Anyways, tomorrow, on Tuesday, we will be going for Bak Kut Teh and then Bukit Bintang. 

Will continue tomorrow or the day after or the day after after or... well, you get the point.

Ok. Got to go. 
Watch my long overdue drama and to ask my mom for more cash.
Bai Bai.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


3 DOWN!!!

But then I feel so much better already. I am now in front of the laptop with my Legal Practice notes in front of me. 
Attempting to read, - erm~ memorise? - while simultaneously listening to songs and also doing this. 
*laughs crazily*

Anyways, this is all for now. 
I will blog again after my last paper on Friday. 
All about my finals,what happened for each subject and what-nots.

This is just to show the world that I am still alive and well, but not in the right mind, as of now, in terms of brain space being used up by cases and statutes. 
And so, bai bai.