Tuesday, February 8, 2011


It has been like ages ages and ages since I blogged... last post published on the 24th of October 2010. 
Huh~ definitely a long time ago.

And so, photo time!!!! 
Very briefly on my life the past few months... the long and cold winter, the very windy month and various times... 

When Denise and Wee Khang came to visit 

Day-trip to York

Day-trip to Nottingham, finally had cendol and nasi lemak after many months

Met Snowy... 

and Robin Hood

And then its WINTER... 

my first snowball

and my first snowman

And then MY 21st BIRTHDAY!!!! 

We went out for dinner,

and then had a dessert party!!! SWEET~

Day-trip to Manchester

 Christmas Eve and Christmas Dinner~

Trip to Bath...

 and London

New Year Eve in London~

Sweets, homemade...

 and Chinese New Year tid-bits... homemade and fried...

and while I was in Leeds celebrating Chinese New Year, my family was in Sarawak as usual... having fun.

Well~ that is all for now... 
Maybe I should do this every few months... Ahahahah... see lah... when got time then continue blogging again...