Friday, April 30, 2010

Laughing Out Loud XD

Tort + -ure = TORTURE

I was just reading my own previous post when I noticed this. Something that I wrote myself.

I wrote: 'Tort. Torture. Seriously.'
And I figured out the equation.

I seriously have nothing better else to do.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Way way way OVERDUE...

Have been reminded and nagged for countless of times, and so, I have finally decided to UPDATE. 

And so continuing with our events update:
1. Last Tuesday, we went to Bukit Bintang, and remember my RM60 budget, well, I went over, like seriously OVER. 
I came to the conclusion that I have no self-control. Which is bad, really BAD.

2. Last Thursday, a RARE treat, BAH KUT TEH in SS 2.  

3. Two days ago, on Monday, we finally went to watch When In Rome, in One Utama.
A really rare thing for me to say for a chick flick. But I guess because there were various factors relating to it.
And the factors are, the humour involved, the storyline was quite predictable but good nonetheless, and lastly, Josh Duhamel. 
*sqees and then laughs hysterically*
Anyways, before the movie, we had lunch + dinner = hightea.

We had Shabu Shabu and it was delicious. Although I can just hear Serena screaming ' MSG MSG MSG' in her head, or OUT LOUD. 

And lastly, although it is not really on our list of events, because this is seriously on the very, very, VERY rare occasion that I gave in to my roommate, aka SIN JIA HUI. And also because only Jia Hui and I went. Serena didn't want to, and Shuk Yee was in Penang visiting her friend.
We went to lunch in Chilis. I died from the large serving.

And this was mine.

And that concludes our events for the rest of the academic year. I THINK.
Which actually ends in less than 2 months. 
*bangs head on wall*
Which also means that EXAMS are really, really, REALLY CLOSE. 

And as can be seen from the above, we eat, EAT, all the time. 
So fattening.
Let's all chant 'MSG MSG MSG'.

Oh ya~ 
In the end, I only talked with Christine and Venetia and David for a while, like 10 minutes, in One Utama, after my movie. Because our time clashed. 

Gotta ciao, need to complete my Tort notes. And tomorrow is Tort lecture. Torture. Seriously. 

And since I added something cute in my last post, I want to add another one. Because, now, I can see all the photos that I have posted due to the changes that blogspot did. 
And so, my super cute youngest sister. 

Hmm~ Although a bit blur, BUT, she is still cute.

But, alas, she is still growing. Anyways.
Ok. Bai bai. TORT here I come. *sighs*

Monday, April 19, 2010

First event...

... DONE.
Pasar malam was a success. I think.
Spend over our RM15 budget by 60 cents. I am quite proud of myself, for now.
There is still tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we will be going after class around 12 like that. I can't wait for Korean food.
It has been too long. I have been craving for the Korean BEEF set since last week.

Anyways, in terms of budget.
There will the occasional random spending of money. So, seriously have no idea how much money will be spent tomorrow.
Hmm~ Aiming for less than RM 60. Will tell if I will actually be successful.

I had the most interesting 'conversation' on FACEBOOK just now. With Christine and a bit with Venetia.
Christine tagged me, Joey, Jia Jun, Amanda and David on Venetia's wall. Asking if we had time to meet up next Monday or Tuesday.
And, OBVIOUSLY, WITH NOTHING ELSE BETTER TO DO, yours truly is like 12 hours a day on Facebook, and so replied the thread really early.
So, I was free on Monday after 12pm and on Tuesday after 1pm. And we decided to meet on Monday in 1 Utama.
Then I told Christine to make sure to tell the others, because they may not check their Facebook as often. And she said, they should lah, one week leh. I went, VERY DOUBTFUL.
*laughs hysterically*
It is TRUE, they are so not like me. I am seriously like 12 hours a day on Facebook, playing their games. Because, I have nothing better else to do.
No, WAIT. Actually I do, that is STUDYING.
And so, will wait for further 'instructions' or whatever.

Anyways, I saw this and...

Choi Si Won and his on-screen daughter in Oh My Lady.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Finally... done and over with...

Mooting is finally complete for all four of us. 
It was quite okay actually, for both Shuk Yee and I. But for Serena not so good, she is quite sad, and we feel sad for her too. 

Shuk Yee! we forgot to take a photo of us lah...

Anyways, Jia Hui is in her uncle's place recuperating from fever and sore throat. Being taken care of is such a feel good thing.

OK! For the more happier stuffs. As all four of us are done with the moots.
Obviously, the next thing to do on our list is EVENTS:
1. Coming Monday - Pasar Malam
2. Coming Tuesday - Bukit Bintang
3. Within this week or the next - Either Midvalley or 1 Utama for movie, should be When in Rome or I-don't-know-what.

I can't wait to get out. Have been in the room for way too long. And when preparing for the moots, have been DEPRIVED of SLEEP for too long as well. Have been sleeping at 2 am or 3 am in the morning for the past 2 to 3 days.
My face. Sad. *sighs* 


Feel like sleeping liao. 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Got the new one but wants the old one back...

... in relation to my MyKad. IDENTITY CARD lah~
Damn~ Now that I got my new one, I think that my old one is nicer. The picture, the PICTURE. 
In the new one, I am, like, somewhat smiling and not smiling. I was like 'WHAT ON EARTH?' 
At least, the old one was better, although it was, like, taken 8 years ago, when I was 12 years old.
Anyways, what to do. The old one will be sent to Putrajaya for who knows what. 
Hmm~ I am thinking of breaking in to take it back.
*laughs crazily*
I think only a fool will do such a thing, and it is only to take back an IC. 
Although, I AM CURIOUS as to how the security system works in Malaysia, in terms of keeping old and used identity cards. 
I am so weird and random. 
Blame it on the moots, that is this Saturday.

Moots. Yup~ 
This Saturday, at 3 to 4 pm in the afternoon. So late lah.
I am acting for the respondent on appeal. A defamation case. 
Shuk Yee is the first speaker and arguing that the email is not defamatory, in relation to someone being a gay, and does not refer to the claimant, Mr Soh Dom Mee, a totally wrong name. 
And I am the second speaker, arguing that the email is not publication and that there was no intention and something else. 
Argh~ Looking for cases to support the points is TOTAL TORTURE. 
I have 3 cases supporting one of my points and ZERO for the other 2 points. 
*sighs* So what do I do now?

Anyways, I was thinking...
Imagine having adrenaline rush, NOT PANIC, since 9 am in the morning when I wake up, then the rush continues until 12 to 2 pm and dies out at 3 pm. Just when I am ready to go into the mooting hall. Then when in the mooting hall, calm and all, but when it is my turn to speak, the PANIC SETS IN.
That will be, like, total madness. Can't speak and all. 
But, I will PRAY that it will definitely NOT happen at all. 

But apparently, our lecturer, also the judge, may cut you off at midpoint.  Or at any time, at all, if I must say.
*brain freeze*
*bows head and prays continually for the next 3 days*

And now, I am preparing my speech thingy for the moots and so have to read the full report on all 3 cases. And also, to prepare my arguments. 

And, dinner in 2 hours, counting from now. Mama's Kitchen. Haven't eaten rice in a long time. 

PS> I wish I could run away to a beautiful island.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New room... new roommate...

Onto the 19th floor. So far away. My room is like at the end of the hallway. 
Luckily the internet is at the same speed. 
Thank your lucky stars oh SIN JIA HUI. 

Anyways, I started moving at 2.30pm, just now, until 6.30pm. And I moved everything up already, and have also put all my stuffs in their respective places.  
*laughs hysterically*
So tired lah. 
Thank the Lord for Shuk Yee for helping me move my stuffs. Like probably 20 times, or so I thought, up and down on the lift. 
Jia Hui had Serena help her move. And they made 2 trips from Batai, the university's other hostel. 
I cleaned the toilet and swept the floor once and moped the floor at least 5 to 7 times. 
And SOMEONE almost said I have an obsessive compulsive disorder. 
Its just that I want the room to be clean when I first move in. Then after that, to remain a certain degree of clean-ness. 
Is that wrong?

After that, at 6.30pm, the four of us had McD for dinner.I had a BIG MAC. I was so HUNGRY. Plus 2 glasses of coke. 
It was fulfilling.
*laughs ecstatically*

After dinner, the three of us went to Giant and Jia Hui and I got some 'household' stuffs. Like detergent and stuffs. 
I sound like a wife. LOL~
Then Shuk Yee helped me to move my shoes up. Lots of them. While I stayed back to mope my ex-room. Twice. 

Although it is a wee bit SMALLER. But I guess it is okay, since also not much difference. 
*laughs hysterically*

Ok. Going to sleep soon. Quite tired. 
Carrying stuffs for like 4 hours = EXERCISE.  
*laughs hysterically*

Bye bye and Goodnight.  

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The past week...

... in photos and a bit of description. I am a wee bit lazy.

The week Shuk Yee was back in KK, the 3 of us had quite a bit of FUN!!
I think on Tuesday, went to Bukit Bintang for shopping, and then Snow Flake in Pavillion for dinner/desserts. 

And I also got a few earrings again. I am seriously obsessed with earrings.
*drowning in earrings*

Then when Jia Hui and Serena went for Korean class on Wednesday, which happened to be on the 31st, we had Baskin Robbins.  IN MY ROOM.

Jamaica Almonds and Cookies & Cream. 

*licks lips*

Then Shuk Yee came back.
And so, yesterday, we went for Clash of the Titans. 
I so do not get the title, nothing to do with Zeus, Poseidon and Hades' father at all.  The name 'Titans' was for the gods before Zeus and all. And so, it was all about Zeus' son, Perseus. 
After the movie, we were like 'WHAT!?! The title don't even match.'
Anyways, it was still quite good. I quite like it actually. Although it reminded me of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief quite a bit, neh~ A LOT.
And the one lesson I learned was that I shall NEVER drink anything during a movie again. It was total crap-ness. 
Must remind self always.

And, the rest of the days/time, CLASSES!!

I am moving tomorrow, to 19 07, should be. Unless management dilly-dally AGAIN.
The room is SO FAR AWAY from the wireless modem thingy. I hope I will still have internet though, good connection. 
If not I will blame SIN JIA HUI for the rest of my life.
*laughs evilly*

And so, the life of SHEN WONG EE SWONE. 
Quite lifeless, don't you think?

Sunday, April 4, 2010


easier this way, in case I forgot what I want to tell you.

Go read Bleach, this chapter, so POINTLESS lah. 
argh~ How can the author so wu liao, nothing to do and so filler only.
Crap lah~ 

Anyways, Shuk Yee is back liao. 
And so, tomorrow, the four of us are going to pasar malam and Serena and I have agreed that we are only going to bring RM20. RM10 for apples and the other RM10 for dinner. 
Then on Tuesday, we are going to One Utama for Clash of the Titans. Hope it is good, we are quite anticipating it. And this is a MUST WATCH for a certain someone. 

I have replied the universities and I have put Leeds as my firm and UWE - University of West of England as my insurance. 
Although I wanted to put Liverpool as my insurance but my father thought it better to put UWE. As in the whole point of there being an INSURANCE.

And yesterday night, I had dinner with my cousin, her boyfriend and my uncle.
Then we went over to my uncle's house to talk and we also watched Woohoo 大日子.
I thought it was not bad and quite good. I am all for humour and laugh out louds, so it was quite enjoyable. 

Then in terms of other aspects of my life, NOTHING has changed. 
But I should be moving to a different room within the week, also because of a CERTAIN SOMEONE.
I seriously have nothing to do lah, moving room for the last 2 and 1/2 months that I will be in KL.
*laughs hysterically*

And so, goodnight. Tomorrow 8 am class, EVIDENCE. 

And just a random photo to brighten your day.