Sunday, October 24, 2010


I should update more often.
After being here for one month plus, I am just starting to get a hang a few things.
1. The weather. 
But then, it will get colder soon anyways, so, whats the point?
2. Walking most of the time.
I mean, I walked quite a lot when I was in KL, but then here, I walk more. Because, hmm~ just because lah.
3. The stuffs here are quite cheap.
Without conversion of course. 
Seriously, if you work and live here, it is so so cheap.
Can survive quite easily. Imagine 2 pounds for a meal. 1 pounds for 4 huge muffins - double chocolate. 34 pence for 10 pieces of fruity scones. Oh~ I can go on. 
And of course, without converting lah. If convert. Don't even think about it. 
4. I think that is all for the time being. 

Generally, I quite like it here. 
My room is quite ok, small, but at least I have a room to myself.
The internet/wireless, quite ok too. Not too slow but not fast as well.
My flatmates. Hmm~ I love the other 3, but the other one, I can seriously live without. Total terror. 
She is like seriously weird, funny weird, and ... generally, just weird. 
Classes are quite interesting. 
I take European Union Law, Jurisprudence, Commercial Law, Equity and Trust Law and a 40 credits Dissertation.
EU and Commercial, I quite like. 
Jurisprudence... *shakes head* argh~ I can also do without, but, it is compulsory, so too bad. 
My dissertation is on Minority Protection. I haven't actually thought of the full title yet. But have to, like really soon. 

That's all for now. I'll try to update more often. 
But, like, no promises ah~

Saturday, September 25, 2010

In Leeds...


I'm in Leeds already, but then, I am not using my own laptop.
My laptop like ah~ don't know lah, the whole laptop's screen no reaction. 

Now, using Serena's laptop. 
Have been using Serena's and Shuk Yee's laptop on turn. Taking turns using theirs, Jia Hui's laptop also like crashed. 
And I like took so so so many photos, but will only post them up when I get my laptop back.

Hope that the repairs are not too expensive. Just to check cost me 52.88 pounds already.

Ok~ Will update photos really soon.
Ciao~ muacks~

Friday, September 17, 2010

It has been...

... way way way too long already.

The desire or want to blog just fizzled out when I just don't feel like doing anything. 

I am now waiting for my visa after a long long time. And if I received it by today, I will be leaving for Leeds, UK by next Monday. 
Crap-ness. So damn fast. 
I don't want to leave lah. 
I will be gone for about less than a year. BUT. If possible, maybe can stay on for another year or so or more. 

I haven't finished packing actually. 
Still have quite a few things to gather. 
Like, Bak Kut Teh packs, Tom Yum paste, and a few more stuffs.
And lots of things to be done.
Like, change my driver's licence to the compatible one, buy and install ORIGINAL Microsoft Windows, pack my stuffs more nicely, buy a camera, and whatever lah... oh, and RECEIVE MY VISA SO I CAN BOOK MY TICKET. 

OH, and did you know? I banged a car on Wednesday after I went grocery shopping to cook pasta. 
My father had to pay the old man for the repair of his right tail lights. 
I feel... 

I am way too full from lunch and will continue to wait for a call from ABX, the one who will be delivering my package of visa, if not, damn~ fear my wrath.

Friday, August 20, 2010


I am the absolute worst in it. 

Have been waiting for a long time. 
And now I continue to wait.
For various things in my life. 
For a lot of things actually.

I feel that I am quite into haiku lately.
So poetic. Of sorts.

Back to waiting.

Friday, July 30, 2010


My life.

I am lazy. 
Although I have lots of stuffs to do.
And so. 
Should I go back to it? 
That is, whatever that I am suppose to do.

To whomever that actually cares.
This is my 150th post.
Clap your hands and cheer. 
Do as I say.

Why do I care?
If I don't.
Neither should you. 


Sunday, June 27, 2010


I am loving being at home. 
Loving loving loving it!!!

I am now on a MISSION to lose weight. Yup~ To LOSE WEIGHT!! Lots of it. At least 7 to 8 kg.
I am working hard on it.
Gym early in the morning on weekdays, and less food, especially carbohydrates. 
I so definitely have to lose weight.

But then, I want to eat my mommy's cooking!!!

That's all. Will update soon.
This is just me crapping away.
I will update soon on the food trip that me, Shuk Yee, Serena and Jia Hui took when Jia Hui was here in KK. 



Tuesday, June 22, 2010



I should update more often. But, as usual, I am so so so lazy.

Anyways, continuing my previous post, my life the past week in brief. 

The four of us, Serena, Shuk Yee, Jia Hui and I went to Genting on Wednesday. We took the bus from 1 Utama and then arrived at the Skyway cable cars place after 1 hour. 
Then we checked in. 
We had to wait almost an hour and a half. There were like so many people checking in at the same time. Our number was 261, and at the time, the number was 161. We had to wait for like 100 groups of people to check in. 
So freaking long man~
Oh~ There is a story behind the checking in, but I am way too lazy to type it out. 
长话短说 - long story shortened - We got so pissed off at the girl who checked us in, she told us the wrong information and yet did not feel apologetic at all. She did not even say sorry, and kept insisting that she was right and that it was the travel agent's fault.
Anyways, all in all, we had a fun time. 
We went for the Theme Park and then had steamboat/grill thingy for dinner. BUFFET style.
Oh, so full.
But then, this time, the other 3 ate so much more than me. They had lots and lots of beef, while I was going for the mushrooms and a bit of veggie.  

Then we came down the next day, and then Jia Hui drove us back to Bahau, her hometown. 
Shuk Yee and I slept most of the way, while Serena talked to Jia Hui while she drove, to keep her from falling asleep. 
Jia Hui's parents brought us for dinner. 
It was superbly AWESOME. 
We had a cold dish, roasted piglet, huge prawns, CRAB, fried rice (which I did not take, because I was too full liao) and desserts.
The next day was Malacca. 
Jia Hui's boyfriend, Jack, drove us there.
We had the chicken rice balls, the famous dish in the famous restaurant. Then we had durian cendol.
*licking lips*
And then we walked around, to wait till evening, for Jonker Street to open, which we also walked through. Lots and lots of stuffs sold. We had the Asam Laksa for dinner, quite good actually, although not my usual choice. 
Then, got back by 10 plus and showered and sleep.
The next day, we went to Seremban, an hour away, to take the train back to KL.
Shuk Yee forgot to take here ticket back after through the machine and was then forced to pay RM30 surcharge. She was quite mad at herself.

Back in KL. 
I started packing a bit, stuffing my textbooks and statute books into boxes and all sorts of stuffs. 
Then Aunty Siow Ling brought me out for dinner with Dao Ming. 
Then on Sunday, FATHER'S DAY! 
Had lunch with Uncle Steven and his cousins, at One World.
Hehe~ BUFFET as well.
Ooo~ I love buffet, especially the DESSERTS!!!

Then yesterday, Monday, packed all my stuffs that I am going to ship back. And Kai Ping, Shuk Yee's year 1 friend, drove us and our boxes to the post office, although we can actually get there by foot, but looking at the size and the weight of our boxes, it will probably take us a few hours just to carry it over. 
Both of us have 3 boxes each. 
The total weight of mine was about 45 kg. And it cast me RM44.50, although it will take about a month to arrive back home. Shuk Yee's one weighed less than mine. 

Anyways, now, I only have a few stuffs left. 
Although I am a wee bit afraid that my baggage will be overweight, which I pray and hope not.

That is all for now. 
And the next post will probably from the comfort of my own home. I CAN'T WAIT TO GET HOME!!!
So. Bai bai.

Monday, June 14, 2010



As you all know, I just finished my exams last Friday. 
And so, my holidays started on 11th June 2010 at 3.40pm.
And I have been enjoying every minute of it, although I am tired out. 

Summary of exam week:
1. On Sunday, studied from morning till like 2am to 3am then slept for 4 hours. 
2. Wake up and continue studying. 
3. At 11am, went to the exam hall.
4. 12.30pm reading time in exam hall. 
5. 12.40pm start writing non-stop until 3.40pm.
6. Leave exam hall, complaining about the paper and our tired out and aching arm.
7. Eat lunch/dinner, at KFC or McDonalds or cup noodle. 
8. On computer to stay in touch with the rest of the world.
9. Quick shower.
10. Back to the books, next subject on the list.
11. Repeat 1 to 10, except the days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
12. On Friday, went back to room and took a deep breath and on the computer and showered and then went for cell. Oh~ I also watched the last half hour of South Africa and Mexico World Cup match. 

So tired out.
Then on Saturday, Serena and I went to Daorae for dinner.
Deliciously good~
And when we were coming back, we saw lots of Koreans dominating the mamak shop downstairs of Doarae, waiting for the match between South Korea and Greece. Ya~ South Korea won 2 - 0.
The Koreans were all in red t-shirts and had those beaters thingy and what-nots to cheer for their team. So yay lah~

Then on Sunday, we started our shopping/food spree.
Without SIN JIA HUI. She went back to Bahau and will be back on Tuesday.
Sunday was 1 Utama, The Curve and Ikea.
Monday was Sunway Pyramid.

And I met up with Joey Ng after way too long. 
Then the 4 of us walked around getting various stuffs. Ok~ More like I did. 
*laughs crazily*
And there is still Genting and Bahau and Malacca.

Anyways, tomorrow, on Tuesday, we will be going for Bak Kut Teh and then Bukit Bintang. 

Will continue tomorrow or the day after or the day after after or... well, you get the point.

Ok. Got to go. 
Watch my long overdue drama and to ask my mom for more cash.
Bai Bai.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


3 DOWN!!!

But then I feel so much better already. I am now in front of the laptop with my Legal Practice notes in front of me. 
Attempting to read, - erm~ memorise? - while simultaneously listening to songs and also doing this. 
*laughs crazily*

Anyways, this is all for now. 
I will blog again after my last paper on Friday. 
All about my finals,what happened for each subject and what-nots.

This is just to show the world that I am still alive and well, but not in the right mind, as of now, in terms of brain space being used up by cases and statutes. 
And so, bai bai.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Life WAS Fine...

... until it totally came crashing down.

I know my life isn't a bed of roses, but I was fine with it. 
I even enjoyed the occasional panic. Although I am suppose to be in almost full blown panic by now.
But then, it totally came crashing down in, like, a few freaking seconds. 
And it is all because of a person/persons who had nothing else better to do but complain and complain and complain.
The lecturer got fired.
And who knows what will happens to our final exams, which is happening in less than 2 weeks.   
1. Due to the firing of a lecturer, we have no idea if the exam paper will be changed. 
2. Obviously he won't be marking our paper, and as to the other lecturer, we don't know if the lecturer will be lenient or not. We don't even know the lecturer's marking style.
3. All hints given before will be deemed useless if they change the exam paper. 
He gave us so so so so so much hints. I was so relying on it.
What was the point of complaining? And the firing at this point in time? Couldn't they tell him to leave after our exams is over and after he marked our papers? Does the university not know that we are stressed way over our heads?
*bangs head on wall*

It is now more or less out of my system now.
I just needed to vent my frustrations on something or someone.

Anyways, back to hitting the textbooks.
I need a 60%!!!!!!

Ps> Shuk Yee and Jia Hui have counted the marks that I need to get for each question, to achieve my aim. It doesn't look easy.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010



Well, other than the skies, the sun, the clouds, the moon and the stars.
Oh! And my exams.
Gotta go and study liao.

On a random note.
I just keep wanting to eat. Junk food. 
Bad. Real bad.

Don't mind me.
Yup. I should go study liao.
Ok ok.
Don't say anything.

Bai bai.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


An update of my life, on 19th May, 2010.
My priority for the next 1 month, STUDY. 
That is all. 
Well, other than eating and sleeping. 
But, yup, that is the main priority.
And so, this is not really an update of any sort. 

Anyways, I have included 2 songs because someone *coughs* SHUK YEE *coughs* is lazy to search.
And so, the songs. 
But, I am not sure about the second one though.
Ah~ Who cares. 

Tell Me Goodbye:

Let Me Hear Your Voice:

Hope you like it. 
I quite liked the first one. Haven't heard the second one yet actually. 

And so.
Bai Bai.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

She said, He said...

She: Was she looking at you?
He: I don't know. I was not looking at her.
She: She wasn't looking at you. Because I was looking at her.

Err. What. 
Anyways, I am supposed to be studying. 
So. *runs off to Land notes* 
Bai bai.

Ps> doesn't this make you want to eat one right now? 
And oh ya, Super Junior's new music video is out liao. 


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just a little random something...

I find myself getting more random by the days. 
But I still want to ask. 
Can I change my course now? 
Either to Photography or Culinary Arts, in baking or just cooking, either one is good. Or just both. 
Scrolling through food blogs is bad for the heart and brain.

Ok ok. 
*runs off to Company notes*

Guess what happens when...

... Shen Wong Ee Swone sits in front of the laptop? And when there is tons of food next to her on the floor?
I start EATING. Biscuits. Cookies. Sweets. JUNKS. CARBOHYDRATES. Oh damn it~

And I had just started to promise to myself that I will stay far far far away from non-necessities. 
I am reading, scrolling through various blogs and my left hand is putting biscuits into my mouth. You know the ones that you ate when you were a little child, the ones with icing on top, in various colours. 
YUP. I am eating those. And it is so addictive. 

I blame Sin Jia Hui. For bringing all the biscuits back. 
But, I will still continue to eat lo. 
*snickers to self*
All the fat coming my way. 
Damn damn damn. 

Anyways. As of now, at 10.42pm Wednesday night, I have put the FOODS away. And will look at my Company law notes till bedtime. 
Oh ya~ Did I mention?
My FINALS is in a MONTH. 
*bangs head on wall*
I need to concentrate now. NOW. Aiming for 60% is no easy thing. 

OK. MUST STOP NOW. In case I go walking further away from my notes. 
Bai bai. *waves hand and smile*

And again, another cute cute picture. 

Friday, April 30, 2010

Laughing Out Loud XD

Tort + -ure = TORTURE

I was just reading my own previous post when I noticed this. Something that I wrote myself.

I wrote: 'Tort. Torture. Seriously.'
And I figured out the equation.

I seriously have nothing better else to do.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Way way way OVERDUE...

Have been reminded and nagged for countless of times, and so, I have finally decided to UPDATE. 

And so continuing with our events update:
1. Last Tuesday, we went to Bukit Bintang, and remember my RM60 budget, well, I went over, like seriously OVER. 
I came to the conclusion that I have no self-control. Which is bad, really BAD.

2. Last Thursday, a RARE treat, BAH KUT TEH in SS 2.  

3. Two days ago, on Monday, we finally went to watch When In Rome, in One Utama.
A really rare thing for me to say for a chick flick. But I guess because there were various factors relating to it.
And the factors are, the humour involved, the storyline was quite predictable but good nonetheless, and lastly, Josh Duhamel. 
*sqees and then laughs hysterically*
Anyways, before the movie, we had lunch + dinner = hightea.

We had Shabu Shabu and it was delicious. Although I can just hear Serena screaming ' MSG MSG MSG' in her head, or OUT LOUD. 

And lastly, although it is not really on our list of events, because this is seriously on the very, very, VERY rare occasion that I gave in to my roommate, aka SIN JIA HUI. And also because only Jia Hui and I went. Serena didn't want to, and Shuk Yee was in Penang visiting her friend.
We went to lunch in Chilis. I died from the large serving.

And this was mine.

And that concludes our events for the rest of the academic year. I THINK.
Which actually ends in less than 2 months. 
*bangs head on wall*
Which also means that EXAMS are really, really, REALLY CLOSE. 

And as can be seen from the above, we eat, EAT, all the time. 
So fattening.
Let's all chant 'MSG MSG MSG'.

Oh ya~ 
In the end, I only talked with Christine and Venetia and David for a while, like 10 minutes, in One Utama, after my movie. Because our time clashed. 

Gotta ciao, need to complete my Tort notes. And tomorrow is Tort lecture. Torture. Seriously. 

And since I added something cute in my last post, I want to add another one. Because, now, I can see all the photos that I have posted due to the changes that blogspot did. 
And so, my super cute youngest sister. 

Hmm~ Although a bit blur, BUT, she is still cute.

But, alas, she is still growing. Anyways.
Ok. Bai bai. TORT here I come. *sighs*

Monday, April 19, 2010

First event...

... DONE.
Pasar malam was a success. I think.
Spend over our RM15 budget by 60 cents. I am quite proud of myself, for now.
There is still tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we will be going after class around 12 like that. I can't wait for Korean food.
It has been too long. I have been craving for the Korean BEEF set since last week.

Anyways, in terms of budget.
There will the occasional random spending of money. So, seriously have no idea how much money will be spent tomorrow.
Hmm~ Aiming for less than RM 60. Will tell if I will actually be successful.

I had the most interesting 'conversation' on FACEBOOK just now. With Christine and a bit with Venetia.
Christine tagged me, Joey, Jia Jun, Amanda and David on Venetia's wall. Asking if we had time to meet up next Monday or Tuesday.
And, OBVIOUSLY, WITH NOTHING ELSE BETTER TO DO, yours truly is like 12 hours a day on Facebook, and so replied the thread really early.
So, I was free on Monday after 12pm and on Tuesday after 1pm. And we decided to meet on Monday in 1 Utama.
Then I told Christine to make sure to tell the others, because they may not check their Facebook as often. And she said, they should lah, one week leh. I went, VERY DOUBTFUL.
*laughs hysterically*
It is TRUE, they are so not like me. I am seriously like 12 hours a day on Facebook, playing their games. Because, I have nothing better else to do.
No, WAIT. Actually I do, that is STUDYING.
And so, will wait for further 'instructions' or whatever.

Anyways, I saw this and...

Choi Si Won and his on-screen daughter in Oh My Lady.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Finally... done and over with...

Mooting is finally complete for all four of us. 
It was quite okay actually, for both Shuk Yee and I. But for Serena not so good, she is quite sad, and we feel sad for her too. 

Shuk Yee! we forgot to take a photo of us lah...

Anyways, Jia Hui is in her uncle's place recuperating from fever and sore throat. Being taken care of is such a feel good thing.

OK! For the more happier stuffs. As all four of us are done with the moots.
Obviously, the next thing to do on our list is EVENTS:
1. Coming Monday - Pasar Malam
2. Coming Tuesday - Bukit Bintang
3. Within this week or the next - Either Midvalley or 1 Utama for movie, should be When in Rome or I-don't-know-what.

I can't wait to get out. Have been in the room for way too long. And when preparing for the moots, have been DEPRIVED of SLEEP for too long as well. Have been sleeping at 2 am or 3 am in the morning for the past 2 to 3 days.
My face. Sad. *sighs* 


Feel like sleeping liao. 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Got the new one but wants the old one back...

... in relation to my MyKad. IDENTITY CARD lah~
Damn~ Now that I got my new one, I think that my old one is nicer. The picture, the PICTURE. 
In the new one, I am, like, somewhat smiling and not smiling. I was like 'WHAT ON EARTH?' 
At least, the old one was better, although it was, like, taken 8 years ago, when I was 12 years old.
Anyways, what to do. The old one will be sent to Putrajaya for who knows what. 
Hmm~ I am thinking of breaking in to take it back.
*laughs crazily*
I think only a fool will do such a thing, and it is only to take back an IC. 
Although, I AM CURIOUS as to how the security system works in Malaysia, in terms of keeping old and used identity cards. 
I am so weird and random. 
Blame it on the moots, that is this Saturday.

Moots. Yup~ 
This Saturday, at 3 to 4 pm in the afternoon. So late lah.
I am acting for the respondent on appeal. A defamation case. 
Shuk Yee is the first speaker and arguing that the email is not defamatory, in relation to someone being a gay, and does not refer to the claimant, Mr Soh Dom Mee, a totally wrong name. 
And I am the second speaker, arguing that the email is not publication and that there was no intention and something else. 
Argh~ Looking for cases to support the points is TOTAL TORTURE. 
I have 3 cases supporting one of my points and ZERO for the other 2 points. 
*sighs* So what do I do now?

Anyways, I was thinking...
Imagine having adrenaline rush, NOT PANIC, since 9 am in the morning when I wake up, then the rush continues until 12 to 2 pm and dies out at 3 pm. Just when I am ready to go into the mooting hall. Then when in the mooting hall, calm and all, but when it is my turn to speak, the PANIC SETS IN.
That will be, like, total madness. Can't speak and all. 
But, I will PRAY that it will definitely NOT happen at all. 

But apparently, our lecturer, also the judge, may cut you off at midpoint.  Or at any time, at all, if I must say.
*brain freeze*
*bows head and prays continually for the next 3 days*

And now, I am preparing my speech thingy for the moots and so have to read the full report on all 3 cases. And also, to prepare my arguments. 

And, dinner in 2 hours, counting from now. Mama's Kitchen. Haven't eaten rice in a long time. 

PS> I wish I could run away to a beautiful island.