Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Life WAS Fine...

... until it totally came crashing down.

I know my life isn't a bed of roses, but I was fine with it. 
I even enjoyed the occasional panic. Although I am suppose to be in almost full blown panic by now.
But then, it totally came crashing down in, like, a few freaking seconds. 
And it is all because of a person/persons who had nothing else better to do but complain and complain and complain.
The lecturer got fired.
And who knows what will happens to our final exams, which is happening in less than 2 weeks.   
1. Due to the firing of a lecturer, we have no idea if the exam paper will be changed. 
2. Obviously he won't be marking our paper, and as to the other lecturer, we don't know if the lecturer will be lenient or not. We don't even know the lecturer's marking style.
3. All hints given before will be deemed useless if they change the exam paper. 
He gave us so so so so so much hints. I was so relying on it.
What was the point of complaining? And the firing at this point in time? Couldn't they tell him to leave after our exams is over and after he marked our papers? Does the university not know that we are stressed way over our heads?
*bangs head on wall*

It is now more or less out of my system now.
I just needed to vent my frustrations on something or someone.

Anyways, back to hitting the textbooks.
I need a 60%!!!!!!

Ps> Shuk Yee and Jia Hui have counted the marks that I need to get for each question, to achieve my aim. It doesn't look easy.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010



Well, other than the skies, the sun, the clouds, the moon and the stars.
Oh! And my exams.
Gotta go and study liao.

On a random note.
I just keep wanting to eat. Junk food. 
Bad. Real bad.

Don't mind me.
Yup. I should go study liao.
Ok ok.
Don't say anything.

Bai bai.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


An update of my life, on 19th May, 2010.
My priority for the next 1 month, STUDY. 
That is all. 
Well, other than eating and sleeping. 
But, yup, that is the main priority.
And so, this is not really an update of any sort. 

Anyways, I have included 2 songs because someone *coughs* SHUK YEE *coughs* is lazy to search.
And so, the songs. 
But, I am not sure about the second one though.
Ah~ Who cares. 

Tell Me Goodbye:

Let Me Hear Your Voice:

Hope you like it. 
I quite liked the first one. Haven't heard the second one yet actually. 

And so.
Bai Bai.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

She said, He said...

She: Was she looking at you?
He: I don't know. I was not looking at her.
She: She wasn't looking at you. Because I was looking at her.

Err. What. 
Anyways, I am supposed to be studying. 
So. *runs off to Land notes* 
Bai bai.

Ps> doesn't this make you want to eat one right now? 
And oh ya, Super Junior's new music video is out liao. 


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just a little random something...

I find myself getting more random by the days. 
But I still want to ask. 
Can I change my course now? 
Either to Photography or Culinary Arts, in baking or just cooking, either one is good. Or just both. 
Scrolling through food blogs is bad for the heart and brain.

Ok ok. 
*runs off to Company notes*

Guess what happens when...

... Shen Wong Ee Swone sits in front of the laptop? And when there is tons of food next to her on the floor?
I start EATING. Biscuits. Cookies. Sweets. JUNKS. CARBOHYDRATES. Oh damn it~

And I had just started to promise to myself that I will stay far far far away from non-necessities. 
I am reading, scrolling through various blogs and my left hand is putting biscuits into my mouth. You know the ones that you ate when you were a little child, the ones with icing on top, in various colours. 
YUP. I am eating those. And it is so addictive. 

I blame Sin Jia Hui. For bringing all the biscuits back. 
But, I will still continue to eat lo. 
*snickers to self*
All the fat coming my way. 
Damn damn damn. 

Anyways. As of now, at 10.42pm Wednesday night, I have put the FOODS away. And will look at my Company law notes till bedtime. 
Oh ya~ Did I mention?
My FINALS is in a MONTH. 
*bangs head on wall*
I need to concentrate now. NOW. Aiming for 60% is no easy thing. 

OK. MUST STOP NOW. In case I go walking further away from my notes. 
Bai bai. *waves hand and smile*

And again, another cute cute picture.