Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Guess what happens when...

... Shen Wong Ee Swone sits in front of the laptop? And when there is tons of food next to her on the floor?
I start EATING. Biscuits. Cookies. Sweets. JUNKS. CARBOHYDRATES. Oh damn it~

And I had just started to promise to myself that I will stay far far far away from non-necessities. 
I am reading, scrolling through various blogs and my left hand is putting biscuits into my mouth. You know the ones that you ate when you were a little child, the ones with icing on top, in various colours. 
YUP. I am eating those. And it is so addictive. 

I blame Sin Jia Hui. For bringing all the biscuits back. 
But, I will still continue to eat lo. 
*snickers to self*
All the fat coming my way. 
Damn damn damn. 

Anyways. As of now, at 10.42pm Wednesday night, I have put the FOODS away. And will look at my Company law notes till bedtime. 
Oh ya~ Did I mention?
My FINALS is in a MONTH. 
*bangs head on wall*
I need to concentrate now. NOW. Aiming for 60% is no easy thing. 

OK. MUST STOP NOW. In case I go walking further away from my notes. 
Bai bai. *waves hand and smile*

And again, another cute cute picture.