Thursday, April 15, 2010

Got the new one but wants the old one back...

... in relation to my MyKad. IDENTITY CARD lah~
Damn~ Now that I got my new one, I think that my old one is nicer. The picture, the PICTURE. 
In the new one, I am, like, somewhat smiling and not smiling. I was like 'WHAT ON EARTH?' 
At least, the old one was better, although it was, like, taken 8 years ago, when I was 12 years old.
Anyways, what to do. The old one will be sent to Putrajaya for who knows what. 
Hmm~ I am thinking of breaking in to take it back.
*laughs crazily*
I think only a fool will do such a thing, and it is only to take back an IC. 
Although, I AM CURIOUS as to how the security system works in Malaysia, in terms of keeping old and used identity cards. 
I am so weird and random. 
Blame it on the moots, that is this Saturday.

Moots. Yup~ 
This Saturday, at 3 to 4 pm in the afternoon. So late lah.
I am acting for the respondent on appeal. A defamation case. 
Shuk Yee is the first speaker and arguing that the email is not defamatory, in relation to someone being a gay, and does not refer to the claimant, Mr Soh Dom Mee, a totally wrong name. 
And I am the second speaker, arguing that the email is not publication and that there was no intention and something else. 
Argh~ Looking for cases to support the points is TOTAL TORTURE. 
I have 3 cases supporting one of my points and ZERO for the other 2 points. 
*sighs* So what do I do now?

Anyways, I was thinking...
Imagine having adrenaline rush, NOT PANIC, since 9 am in the morning when I wake up, then the rush continues until 12 to 2 pm and dies out at 3 pm. Just when I am ready to go into the mooting hall. Then when in the mooting hall, calm and all, but when it is my turn to speak, the PANIC SETS IN.
That will be, like, total madness. Can't speak and all. 
But, I will PRAY that it will definitely NOT happen at all. 

But apparently, our lecturer, also the judge, may cut you off at midpoint.  Or at any time, at all, if I must say.
*brain freeze*
*bows head and prays continually for the next 3 days*

And now, I am preparing my speech thingy for the moots and so have to read the full report on all 3 cases. And also, to prepare my arguments. 

And, dinner in 2 hours, counting from now. Mama's Kitchen. Haven't eaten rice in a long time. 

PS> I wish I could run away to a beautiful island.